Past Scholarship Winners

2017 Scholarship Recipients

2016 Scholarship Recipients

The 2016 Scholarships were awarded to Shyloh Wells, Samantha Gibbs, Dylan Jesko, and Kendall Lackner.

2016 Scholarship Recipient - Shyloh Walls

SHYLOH WALLS is a graduate of United Jr/Sr High School and will be attending Penn State Altoona.  She plans to major in Communication Sciences and Disorders to become a speech language pathologist and audiologist.

2016 Scholarship Recipient - Samantha Gibbs

SAMANTHA GIBBS graduated from Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf.  She will attend Gallaudet University and will major in Biology/Microbiology.


DYLAN JESKO, from Saltsburg, PA, suffered a hearing loss as a 16 year old.  He attends Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  His major is Mathematics and he is researching possible careers as an Actuary, Statistician, or as an Accountant.

 2016 Scholarship - Kendall Lackner

KENDALL LACKNER is currently attending St Francis University, where she already received a minor in American Sign Language.  She attended the Deaf Freedom Cruise where she was immersed into the Deaf community.  This experience led to her desire to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Health Science and a master’s degree in Occupation Therapy. She intends to work in a residential school setting for the deaf.

2015 Scholarship Recipients
The 2015 Scholarships were awarded to Megan Majocha, Michael Weber, Larissa Anderson and Olivia McGarvey.

is from Pittsburgh, PA and graduated from Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf.
Megan will be attending Gallaudet University majoring in Biology. She plans to become of Medical Researcher.

MICHAEL WEBER graduated from Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf and is from Westmoreland City, PA.
Michael will be attending Rochester Institute of Technology and will major in Business.


, a recent graduate of Saltsburg Jr-Sr High School, is from Saltsburg, PA.
Larissa’s plans are to attend Indiana University of Pennsylvania majoring in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology.


, from Fallentimber, PA, is currently attending St Francis University. She is studying for social work with a minor in American Sign Language.   Olivia is currently working on a proposal to offer Interpreting as a major at St Francis University.

2014 Scholarship Recipients
The 2014 Scholarships were awarded to Ryan Baker, Austin Sheffield, Bradley Speck, and Abigail Zyhowski.

, of Murrysville, PA, graduated from Franklin Regional High School.
Ryan will be pursuing a Nursing degree at Case Western Reserve University this fall.


, a recent graduate of Greensburg Central Catholic, is from Trafford, PA.
Austin’s plans are to attend West Virginia University majoring in Chemical Engineering.

is from York, PA and graduated from Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf.
Bradley will be attending Rochester Institute of Technology and will major in Mechanical Engineering for Robotics.


, of Indiana, PA, graduated from Indiana Area Senior High School and is currently attending St Francis University.
Abigail’s major is Occupational Therapy with a minor in American Sign Language.

2013 Scholarship Recipient
Picture for Gazette

In May 2013, Taylor Doyka, a senior at Homer Center High School, was awarded the first Janessa Fleming Memorial Scholarship.  The scholarship is for any deaf or hard of hearing person wishing to continue their post-secondary education or for anyone, hearing or deaf, seeking a career in deaf education, deaf research, or as an ASL sign language interpreter.  Miss Doyka will be attending Gallaudet University in Washington DC in the Fall of 2013.

Presenting Miss Doyka with the scholarship were Janessa’s parents, Randy & Paula Fleming.